Hello. My name is Randi. I am a forty-five mother to four amazing children who range in age from twenty-three to five. I have always wanted to be a mom and an artist. Before I had my own children, I helped with my siblings, as I was the eldest. I also lived in a high-risk group home for girls on the weekends where I was the house mother. These girls were middle school aged and up who were in the system, either on their way to or from juvie. I became a mom in my early twenties with my two girls and started college at Johnson County Community College in Kansas. After transferring to the University of Kansas, I was duel enrolled in both the College of Liberal Arts and the Fine Art school. My studies in both schools were focused art. The liberal arts specialty focus was Classical Antiquities, where I studied the Art and Architecture of Egypt, Roman, Greek and Mesopotamia. Along with archeology and anthropology courses. I studied both Latin and Ancient Greek to translate inscriptions left on the stone. In the fine art program, I focused on Painting. The art program is extremely competitive, and they have high standards not just in art but also academics, with both of my programs requiring a 3.0 to be accepted and continue enrollment. This was a great achievement in my life having lived on my own since fifteen, I got my GED before I would have graduated high school and began college courses immediately. I have been in early education and childcare for the last 15 years. I started with at home daycare and foster care, but when I had my boys, I went back to junior college to study Early Childhood Education. In the state of Kansas, I had my Director’s Certification for school age children care programs. I have had various roles within the industry as lead teacher, director, chef, assistant director, lead closer and summer camp. I am also a Certified Early Education Lead Teacher in the state of Colorado. During Covid, I moved to Colorado for health reasons. I have been a professional photographer for the last five years at JCPenney’s Photography Studio in Kansas and Colorado. I have had many roles there, including assistant manager, photographer, and studio manager. Combining these skill sets, I am excited to finally open my own studio in Longmont, Colorado. My specialty is in all areas of children’s photography. I have worked professionally in both fields with children of all ages, including special needs children, who face many challenges. As a mother of two neuro-divergent children, I understand the importance of reaching each child on their individual level, verbal or non-verbal, as I also know sign-language. I designed my studio to feel soft, cozy, and homelike, with no television, soft lamps, and soft kid colors to help calm and help regulate those who are sensitive to the environment. Also, there are books and toys for the children to interact with while waiting for their turn. In the studio I also have art for sale along one hallway wall and will eventually extend that to an online shop. I am very passionate about nature and the environment. I love to garden and teach children to care for the planet they will inherit from us. My hope is it will be one that is in better health than we currently live in. In partnership with stripe, one percent of my sales will go to contributions towards projects that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. I also am very passionate about single parents. Having been a single mother myself, I know the struggles, but feel those families are the ones who especially need to feel bonded and together. Growing up with pictures of your family is especially important to me, and I would like to give those families on a limited budget with a discount on my services and products. Every child should have photos of them with the people and moments that are important to life.

My Family